Our values


We believe and create Save's Corp on family relationships where players believe in us and we believe in players.In our opinion honesty and trust, which should dominate between players, must also apply to us and the people we care for. It helps to create a bond that makes it easier for us to get to the problems of each contender and to solve them effectively, thus facilitating his difficult path to success.


An important element for us is the motivation of our players to self-development. We provide all options, such as 24/7 contact, consultation on any topic and camps with the best specialists, where players can get detailed answers to all difficult questions about the game. Our task is to provide players with the greatest knowledge and help from specialists to create a good field for them to develop.


Work hard. Play hard. This slogan very well reflects what we consider to be the key to success. We want everyone to be motivated to give 150% and enjoy their progress!

If you share our values ​​and are determined to achieve the best results